An ideal solution for your agricultural bedding requirements. Our shavings undergo kiln-drying and are promptly baled without any ground contact. Every bale is tightly compressed and meticulously encased in a waterproof and pest-proof plastic wrap, enabling outdoor storage for as long as three years. Suitable for both poultry and equestrian farms, our bulk baled shavings ensure the hygiene and comfort your livestock needs!

Wood Chips

Our wood chips are transported to nearby pulp factories for the production of eco-friendly paper products.


Frequently utilized as bedding for animals or as an absorbent material on farms and construction sites.

Beauty Bark

Frequently used in gardening or to improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping.

Dimensional Lumber

Our eco-friendly lumber, sourced from sustainable forestry, is the optimal choice for a wide range of residential and commercial building projects. Available in dimensional sizes of 2×4, 2×6, and 2×8, it meets the diverse needs of both home DIY enthusiasts and professional construction tasks.


Commonly used for railroad ties and landscaping projects. These products are manufactured at our Usk facility and are sold as a green product. Our sizes are 7×9, 6×6, 4×6, and 4×4.